Building rapport is just not enough anymore. 

Recently read another thread on a Social Networking Group that was touting how sales reps should “build rapport” with prospects in order to close more business and I couldn’t disagree more with this concept. If you are struggling to make quota and are being told that you need to “build rapport” with your prospects, your focus is in the wrong area.

Let me share with you why that is…
Why Rapport Building Tactics Don’t Work (And What to Do Instead)

People may buy from people they “like” but they don’t buy from people who “pretend” to have something in common with them or use manipulative tactics for ulterior motives.

This isn’t the 1970’s (yes, I’m saying false “rapport building” is an outdated and flawed sales tactic from back in the day) Consumers are smarter today and can smell insincerity over the phone or in person. The mere act of trying to falsely build rapport crushes another valuable piece of the sales puzzle for closing business and that is: TRUST.

I wouldn’t want friends that pretended to be into the same interests that I have. I’m certainly not going to do business with someone who I deem insincere. And I’m betting neither will your prospects.
Rapport Should Come Naturally

If you really want to connect with your prospects, learn what your best prospects “look like” and once you’ve identified your targeted audience, continue to brand yourself as an industry expert in your field while helping them become better and more successful at what they are trying to accomplish.

When it’s time to engage with your prospect, continue to focus on how you may be able to help them get what they want and you just might end up making a friend in the process. Naturally.