Outsourcing Trend in the Philippines Game Moderation

Massive multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs) have grown in popularity during recent years, causing teenagers and adults to spend many hours in front of their computers. The increasing demand for MMORPGs paved the way for further technological developments in this area.
However, like any medium, MMORPGs have its share of problems. Hacking, cheating, and discord among players can ruin a good game for a lot of people. This is where game moderation comes in. Game moderators make sure that all players adhere to the guidelines. They may also deal with conflict, should it arise between gamers.
Game moderation is a demanding task. The moderator puts in a lot of working hours, given that there’s round the clock activity in gaming sites; international subscribers contribute to this. Hacking is a perennial problem, as it causes legit gamers to lose their accounts and accumulated points. Cheating codes, when exchanged between gamers, lower the game’s level of challenge. Conflict between gamers is also inevitable when they get too carried away, and when unnoticed, can evolve into cyber bullying.
Game moderation’s obstacles hurt the website in more ways than one. For instance, hacked accounts cheat gamers out of profiles that they worked hard for. Moreover, gaming sites infested with hacking and cheating codes dilute user experience, and so users are bound to play somewhere else. This can equate to a decline in sales as well as poor brand reputation. Incessant conflict may also reduce the website into a little more than a squabbling site where people attack each other instead of enjoying the games.
Given the complications that may arise, game moderation is a basic requirement for any gaming site. Outsourcing game moderation to a third-party service provider is a viable option. The Philippines, a leading offshoring and outsourcing destination, has providers that offer game moderation services for a fraction of the price. Employees are also willing to work rotating shifts to accommodate the specific gaming hours of online gamers.
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