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Samsung has finally started to reveal its new products at MWC 2012, starting with this refresh of the Galaxy Beam packing Android 2.3 and a 1GHz dual-core CPU. Just like its predecessor it brings an integrated projector capable of 15 lumens of brightness, enough to shoot a high definition image that’s up to 50 inches wide. There’s a dedicated app that activates the projection, letting users pump out video and pictures, as well as interact with games when the 4-inch WVGA screen just isn’t big enough. It has a 2000 mAh battery to keep the party going — handy when you’re stuck somewhere inconvenient with a few dozen of your coworkers — 8GB of built-in storage and a claimed 6GB of RAM (we’re double checking that, consider it a likely typo until you hear otherwise). There’s more details and specs in the press release after the break, but no word on release date or market availability of this HSPA phone just yet.